The Lower Level Was Completely Flooded

I own a commercial building downtown. It is not close to any rivers, streams or other bodies of water, so I never would have imagined that we would have a flooding problem there. When I got the call that pipes had burst and the entire lower level was under a foot of water, I immediately did a search for a company that does commercial water damage. I knew that I needed professionals to help me because of the extent of the damage. If it had just been one room, my own maintenance crew would have handled it.

However, having an entire level under a foot of water posed a lot of different problems. First, there was damage that had to be dealt with. The water had to be drained, the area had to be dried, and then it had to be tested for mold. Also, it would have to be cleaned, disinfected and deodorized too. I didn’t even know all of this until I had read about it on the site that I looked at. Seeing how knowledgeable this company was about flooded areas gave me the confidence that I needed to use them for this task.

They were able to come out right away. The team was larger than I expected, but I was glad for this because it is a pretty large building. The good thing is that there were not a lot of things stored in the lower level. We had recently cleared it because we were going to do some remodeling, which I considered a huge blessing because this could have been so much worse. It also made it easier for the crew that came out to do what they needed to remove the water, test the air, dry the areas out, and clean the carpets and walls. When they were done, there was not a single drop of evidence that we had been flooded.

Delicious Food on Our Weeklong Vacation

My sister and I went to Singapore not long ago. She was going through a really hard divorce, and I thought it would do her some good to get away from her reality for a while. We got a hotel room together, almost right on the beach. One of the first things we did when we got there was an online search for Spanish tapas in Singapore. We wanted to find a restaurant that had a wide variety of appetizers, and just order several of them while we discussed what all we wanted to do there.

Our online search took us to La Ventana. This Spanish restaurant has so many appetizers to choose from that we knew we were going to have to come back a few more times just to try them all. That first trip, we ordered Croquetas, which is roasted chicken appetizers, along with patatas bravas, which are potato cubes. We also split an order of cod bunuelos, which is just fritters. It was all so delicious, and we stuffed ourselves on that plus chocolate cake we had ordered for dessert. It was not the healthiest of meals, but it absolutely served its purpose.

We did look at the dinner menu to see if there was anything on there that we would like. That was probably a mistake in looking, because we found a lot of things that looked so good. We ended up eating there three more times in the week that we were there, and we joke about going back to Singapore just because of how good the food was. Even their bread basket was impressive, and that is coming from someone who is not really a huge fan of bread. That week in Singapore helped my sister so much, and we actually may go back again because it was a lot of fun for both of us!

Scrap Copper Wire and Aluminum Cans Are Like Free Money

I had a couple of boxes of short pieces of leftover wire from jobs my brother-in-law was doing. I had several trash bags filled with aluminum pop cans too. They were not crushed. Our house has an old coal bin underneath the concrete porch. I kept throwing bags of empty cans in there. It was all diet soda, so no bugs going after any sugar. I put all the copper wire in a big box. It ended up weighing over 80 pounds! I got over $100 due to the scrap copper price and aluminum can price. I had no idea I was going to get that much for scrap metal.

It was like getting free money. It was just little pieces of insulated copper wire that was saved over time. Some pieces were a couple of feet or shorter. Some were a little longer. They are the tail ends when you run cable and have some left over. You never want to run short when running wire, so you always pull a little extra at the end for hooking up whatever it is you are hooking up. In my brother-in-law’s case, it was security cameras for restaurants. I had some scrap wire from running electrical outlets in the house we bought.

The scrap copper price can be quite high. It is even higher for clean metal. Insulated wire has plastic on it, so you get a lower price because of the weight of the insulation. Clean copper nets the best price. Copper pipe, sheets, scraps from plumbing, roofing or other renovations and even old radiators from cars are worth money. Pretty much all scrap metal is worth money, but common copper and aluminum net good prices. Do not throw metal out. Even shielded cable is worth a few cents per pound. You might get enough to take your wife out to dinner and a movie!

Our Company is Doing Better Than Ever

When I first started looking for a video production house in Singapore, I still wasn’t convinced that we were doing the right thing. My partner and I were looking to move in a new direction with our marketing campaign, and having an original video was part of the plan. I thought that it might be too expensive, but my partner felt that it was going to be worth every penny. Thankfully, he was the one who was right! I was able to find a video production company that has a great reputation for not only creating compelling videos but at an affordable rate too.

I was able to view some of their past work, which did encourage me some. The videos that they have created for other clients are really great, and I knew that we were putting this project in the right hands. I met with one of the design team members, and I realized that they live and breathe what they do, which is exactly how we are with the business we are in. Seeing the parallel there nudged me in their corner even more.

After filling out all of the paperwork and answering all of the questions that they needed before they could start, I waited as patiently as I could for the first draft of what they were coming up with. When I did see it, it was nothing short of amazing. They captured exactly what we wanted in the video. The people in the video were perfectly cast, and the dialogue could not have been any better. Whoever shot the video has perfect instincts as well, because it was just the best video that could have been made for us. It definitely helped us go in the right direction that we were looking for, and our company is doing better than ever now.

A Valuable App for Our Company

The company I work for cares a good deal about their employees. We are given a generous pay and benefits package, but it goes so much beyond that. Our work environment is really nice, and we all have a good deal of fun in between the meetings and actual work. When I told my boss it would be nice to have a workers’ app that detailed news, contests, events and everything else, he thought it was a great idea. He told me to find a reputable mobile app development in Singapore since no one here is capable of creating an app like that, which is how I found out about Massive Infinity.

They do so much more than just apps. They also create websites, do digital campaigns, create mobile games and much more. After looking at all of the services that they can provide, I knew that they were the right company to help create a fun app for us. I was able to talk with someone that day, and I gave them all of the information that they needed to get started. Word got out that an app was being developed, and a few others gave some really great suggestions for it.

I contacted the design team to see if they could implement the suggestions, and it was not a problem for them to do that. The first time I opened the app to see how it was, I was so excited! It was everything that we could have wanted, and then some. After looking over everything that they had created for the app, I could see why they have won so many awards and have such an impressive clientele list. We have not had any problems with the app at all, and it has become a valuable tool in our company.

A Party Bus for Her Bachelorette Party

When I decided to throw my sister a bachelorette party, I had to do some research first as I had never thrown one of these before. I knew that we wanted to go to the casino to have some fun for a few hours, but I wasn’t sure who should drive since we would need to take a few vehicles for all of us to fit. That is when someone told me to look at the home page of a local limo company. I had briefly considered one, but I felt the cost would be too much.

I am glad that she told me to look though, because it was not as bad as I had thought. I was able to request a free quote right on that page, and it did not take long for them to get back to me. I had requested quotes on two different types of vehicles. The first was a regular stretch limo that would hold up to 20 of us. The second was a party bus that would hold a bit more, in case I decided to invite more people if the price was great.

I am really glad that I requested the price for the party bus, because that is what we ended up getting. I was able to invite a few more people, and it was really the perfect way for a bunch of women to spend a great day together. We did not have to worry about how many vehicles to get, who was going to be the designated drivers, and make sure we did not get lost or have parking issues either. We were able to go to the casino where we gambled for a couple of hours, had a great lunch together, then we spent the rest of the time just partying in the party bus. It was a day we will always remember fondly.