Scrap Copper Wire and Aluminum Cans Are Like Free Money

I had a couple of boxes of short pieces of leftover wire from jobs my brother-in-law was doing. I had several trash bags filled with aluminum pop cans too. They were not crushed. Our house has an old coal bin underneath the concrete porch. I kept throwing bags of empty cans in there. It was all diet soda, so no bugs going after any sugar. I put all the copper wire in a big box. It ended up weighing over 80 pounds! I got over $100 due to the scrap copper price and aluminum can price. I had no idea I was going to get that much for scrap metal.

It was like getting free money. It was just little pieces of insulated copper wire that was saved over time. Some pieces were a couple of feet or shorter. Some were a little longer. They are the tail ends when you run cable and have some left over. You never want to run short when running wire, so you always pull a little extra at the end for hooking up whatever it is you are hooking up. In my brother-in-law’s case, it was security cameras for restaurants. I had some scrap wire from running electrical outlets in the house we bought.

The scrap copper price can be quite high. It is even higher for clean metal. Insulated wire has plastic on it, so you get a lower price because of the weight of the insulation. Clean copper nets the best price. Copper pipe, sheets, scraps from plumbing, roofing or other renovations and even old radiators from cars are worth money. Pretty much all scrap metal is worth money, but common copper and aluminum net good prices. Do not throw metal out. Even shielded cable is worth a few cents per pound. You might get enough to take your wife out to dinner and a movie!