Delicious Food on Our Weeklong Vacation

My sister and I went to Singapore not long ago. She was going through a really hard divorce, and I thought it would do her some good to get away from her reality for a while. We got a hotel room together, almost right on the beach. One of the first things we did when we got there was an online search for Spanish tapas in Singapore. We wanted to find a restaurant that had a wide variety of appetizers, and just order several of them while we discussed what all we wanted to do there.

Our online search took us to La Ventana. This Spanish restaurant has so many appetizers to choose from that we knew we were going to have to come back a few more times just to try them all. That first trip, we ordered Croquetas, which is roasted chicken appetizers, along with patatas bravas, which are potato cubes. We also split an order of cod bunuelos, which is just fritters. It was all so delicious, and we stuffed ourselves on that plus chocolate cake we had ordered for dessert. It was not the healthiest of meals, but it absolutely served its purpose.

We did look at the dinner menu to see if there was anything on there that we would like. That was probably a mistake in looking, because we found a lot of things that looked so good. We ended up eating there three more times in the week that we were there, and we joke about going back to Singapore just because of how good the food was. Even their bread basket was impressive, and that is coming from someone who is not really a huge fan of bread. That week in Singapore helped my sister so much, and we actually may go back again because it was a lot of fun for both of us!

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