Finding Someone to Live with Was Easy to Do

I began looking for Jacksonville apartments for me to live in, but somewhere along the way, I decided that I would like to have a roommate. I don’t get out much, and I thought it would be nice to have someone who would be around here and there. I was thinking that I might be a tad bit less lonely than I usually am. I figured that even if the person who would become my roommate lives a busy life, just seeing them coming and going often would be a nice thing and make things less quiet. I don’t have many friends, so I knew that I would have to find someone and interview them.

When my parents learned that I was looking for someone to live with, they both told me that it is very important to really be careful with whomever you choose to room with when they are a stranger. You want to make sure that they really do have a job. It’s also a good idea to find out how long they have been working at the last two places they have worked. This will help you to make sure that they can really afford the cost of splitting the rent with you every month. You also want to check their references to see if they have lived anywhere else or have any other history of renting at a place alone with no problems.

Interviewing people was a lot of fun. I met a lot of really nice people. I ended up choosing a woman who is a professional like I am. She does not go out that much, and she likes to live a quiet life. It has turned out perfectly because we have gotten to know one another and become friends. We both go out and do a lot of fun things together now.

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