I Recently Became an Apartment Resident

Just yesterday I moved into one of the apartments in Silver Spring MD. I had been looking at apartments for so long that I thought I would never find a place that was good enough for me to live. There was always something about the other apartments that didn’t work for me. Some of them didn’t have the amenities I wanted. Some of them were too far from my job, which as a big factor. The farther away my residence is from my job, the earlier I have to wake up to get on the road and arrive at work on time. I like to give myself enough time to make it through any traffic scenario or weather condition.

Once I had the perfect apartment in mind and took a tour of it, I signed a lease agreement and started packing up my things. My family gave me a bit of help, and since my father had a big truck, getting my items to the apartment was a piece of cake. It’s always good to have someone in the family that owns a large transport vehicle because it eliminates the cost of having to rent one. Sometimes people ask my father if he can help them move things with his truck, and he does for a small fee. I would probably get tired of doing that, but my father doesn’t.

Now that I’m on my own in the apartments, the feeling is a little weird. I’ve never lived alone before, so to not hear the sounds of anyone else walking around or talking is a shock. It’s so quiet around here that I’ve been playing music to fill the air. On the other hand, I have the freedom that comes with having my own apartment, so I can do what I want, whenever I want, and no one will complain.

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