The Lower Level Was Completely Flooded

I own a commercial building downtown. It is not close to any rivers, streams or other bodies of water, so I never would have imagined that we would have a flooding problem there. When I got the call that pipes had burst and the entire lower level was under a foot of water, I immediately did a search for a company that does commercial water damage. I knew that I needed professionals to help me because of the extent of the damage. If it had just been one room, my own maintenance crew would have handled it.

However, having an entire level under a foot of water posed a lot of different problems. First, there was damage that had to be dealt with. The water had to be drained, the area had to be dried, and then it had to be tested for mold. Also, it would have to be cleaned, disinfected and deodorized too. I didn’t even know all of this until I had read about it on the site that I looked at. Seeing how knowledgeable this company was about flooded areas gave me the confidence that I needed to use them for this task.

They were able to come out right away. The team was larger than I expected, but I was glad for this because it is a pretty large building. The good thing is that there were not a lot of things stored in the lower level. We had recently cleared it because we were going to do some remodeling, which I considered a huge blessing because this could have been so much worse. It also made it easier for the crew that came out to do what they needed to remove the water, test the air, dry the areas out, and clean the carpets and walls. When they were done, there was not a single drop of evidence that we had been flooded.

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